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industrial flooring coatings

Industrial Flooring

Applied in one application to any thickness and curing in minutes a Rhino Linings Industrial floor can significantly reduce costly downtime.

Our spray applied Industrial floor linings will not crack, peel or warp. They are highly resistant to impact, abrasion, oils, fuels and most chemicals.

Being spray applied they are seamless, and the application time is rapid. The instant curing nature of Rhino ‘s spray applied linings reduces downtime normally associated with multiple coat flooring systems.

A Rhino Linings Industrial Flooring System will not need “repainting” any time in the near future and will provide many years of maintenance free service.

Rhino’s flooring products are seamless, impervious and hard wearing, ideal in food preparation areas, cafeterias, workshop floors, wet areas and factory floors.

The lining is suitable for vehicular traffic including forklift and trucks, is highly impact resistant and will help to reduce worker fatigue.
Available in colours and with a slip resistant finish

Rhino Linings Industrial Flooring Applications

  • Manufacturing Plants
  • refineries
  • Retail Stores
  • Aviation Hangars
  • Schools,
  • Hospitals
  • Zoo and Veterinary Facilities
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Mechanical Workshops


Certifications:  Tuff Stuff Slip Test,
Case Studies: Machinery Workshop & Showroom FloorSports Ground PavillionQantas Hangar FloorSpecialty Grocery Store FloorUS Navy Automotive Service & Repair FacilityMars Pods RoomChemical Lab & Warehouse Flooring

Rhino Linings Industrial Floor Coating Range:

Epoxy Flooring (Rhino ArmaFloor 200SCRhino ArmaFloor 300 and Rhino ArmaFloor 400UHS)  Polyaspartic Flooring (Rhino ArmaFloor 500 AU), Polyurea Flooring (Rhino Tuff StuffRhinoChem 2170 and RhinoGuard 2195)

Protective Coating Solutions For All Industries

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